Vibrational Somatic Therapy

In the evolution of the consciousness of humanity, our bodies (both subtle and dense) have become the depository of inherited and collective global memories. These memories hold the congealed trauma patterns (physical ailments, relational despair, global hunger, struggle and war) of a dis-eased humanity.

You are both bio-chemical and electromagnetic. The frequency of your body is a manifestation of your thoughts, words and emotions along with the foods and beverages you ingest, the air you breathe, the environment in which you live and the experiences you draw in.
Vibrational Somatic Therapy is an energy healing modality. It uses frequencies of light, sound and touch to align and harmonize your being. The use of energies in this way is an ancient form of healing used by many civilizations throughout history.

One of the basic principles is that the physical body is the outer manifestation of our inner consciousness. Vibrational Somatic Therapy is a living technology that interfaces with entry points of congealed enery in the body-mind. It addresses root causes, rather than symptoms, by healing at the cellular level. The effects are cumulative, and the healing expands into the subtle (mental, emotional and spiritual) and dense (physical) bodies of your energetic system.

Vibrational Somatic Therapy is an effective catharsis of energetic blockages (such as entities, lost souls, soul fragments and dysfunctional energetic imprinting) successfully neutralizing trauma, addictions, anxiety and panic, thereby freeing you to experience confidence, peace and relaxation in your body. Following catharsis, you may reclaim your resurrected self and begin to embody your luminous state of consciousness.

Vibrational Somatic Therapy sessions assist you in raising your resonant frequency. Sessions are profound and life enhancing. As your physical experience evolves from the form known as Homo sapiens to the new form, Home spiritus, you are activating your Divine Spark, increasing your level of consciousness and fully embodying your authentic self.

A private 1 1/2 hour Vibrational Somatic Therapy session is $144.00, available by appointment only.
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Facilitator: Maria Pologeorgis,
Sacred Rose LTD Conscious Human Development